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Global Assistance (P.) Ltd. has been Providing the following services:

Funeral Services:
This service provides the repatriation of the body of the deceased. Service starts from the place of death to the homeland. Funeral service is handled according to the appropriate religion and culture of the client. All the belongings of the deceased is sent along with the deceased body.

Road & Air Ambulance:
Global Assistance Nepal has outstanding experience in the area of repatriation/evacuation by air ambulance. We are able to organize air lift services, both from within Nepal and Transport to their home country promptly. Due to the High hiring rate of air lift services in Nepal The road ambulance service is generally used for most case of transport installed specific medical equipment.

Hotel Assistance:
With the assistance of our network, we can arrange hotel accommodations throughout Nepal. The Global Assistance organization team arranges a hotel according to the advice and request of our partners.

Taxi Transfers:
Upon receiving the request from our clients, this service can be provided. According to specifications in the request letter, Global Assistance team will make arrangements for the most suitable taxi for insured, or medical escort.

Flight Booking:
Flights can be booked for either patients or regular passengers. A detailed information exchange with the airline ticketing personnel is necessary concerning the medical condition of the patient in stretcher-flight cases.

Government Permission & Information :
Global Assistance Nepal contacts government offices to arrange and prepare the necessary documents, such as visas, special permits, registrations, and death certificates, police reports required for Repatriation and Revacuation.

Other Services

Vehicle Services, Transport Assistance, Fire Fighting Services, Representative, Repatriation, Rescue operation, Private Ambulance, Hospital Assistance, Travel Medical Insurance, Insurance claim services, Valuation Services

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